How To Become A YouTube Partner

YouTube Videos

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online? Can you make good videos but your talent is not being used to its full potential? Are you in search of a way that you can use your talents and get paid for it? These three are different questions with one clear answer, YouTube.

 To make the most of your skills and earn money from it, all you have to do is become a YouTube partner. In all honesty, not many know about this side of YouTube, it offers you an opportunity to not only become a partner but earn from your YouTube channels or videos.

How to become a YouTube partner

If you are interested in either earning money for your videos or if you are simply interested in becoming a famous YouTube star, this guide is the one for you. This guide explains step by step the procedure to become a YouTube partner.

 1.Make an interesting video

In order to begin, you need to make interesting video that will get hits. You need to look for ideas that will make your video unique and help it to get noticed. It’s a universal fact that nobody pays attention to boring things. So rule number one is avoid greating boring videos, go for something that has some kick to it, even if it has some shock element that will compel a user to refer your video to his or her friends, something that is important for you to get traffic, which consequently is important to become a YouTube partner.

 2.Upload the video

This is the simplest part of the procedure. All you need is a YouTube account to upload the video.

 3.Generate a large number of views

Now that your video has been uploaded online on YouTube, you need to make sure that it is a hit. In order to be a hit, your video must have a lot of user traffic. A huge number of subscriptions and a large number of views are needed to make your video a hit. For this purpose you have to promote your video well. Post the links on all social networking websites, use SEO in the video description or use back linking etc. As mentioned before you need traffic to become a successful YouTube partner.

 4.Become a regular video maker

If your first video became a hit, you are a one step towards becoming a YouTube Partner. Now you need to make more interesting videos and post them regularly. Your videos must not lose their charm and should remain interesting. If your other videos also gain popularity, your channel may become more popular, which is a key to becoming a YouTube Partner.

 5.Monetize your video

If your channel is doing great, you are now prepared to be a YouTube partner by monetizing your youtube video. Enable ads on yoyr videos , to start getting revenue you must associate your YouTube and Adsense accounts.


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