How To Get More Subscribers To Your Blog

How to get more subscribers

If you are a new blogger and you wish to be successful in this field there are few simple and must do things to get more subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more regular visitors you have to your blog. Here I have explained a few simple yet very important strategies which every new blogger must do in order to get more subscribers. The success of a blog is directly related to a number of subscribers that blog has. The more your have more chance are that you will succeed. The following simple thing which you can do will get you started.

1. Make it easy to subscribe

Make it easy for the blog visitor to subscribe to you blog. You can do this by offering a link to subscription page at the end of each post. Also, provide an email option to the blog visitors; you are much more likely to get email subscribers than RSS subscribers.

2. Choose niche carefully

When you are starting a blog it is much better to choose a particular niche rather than going for many related niches. This way you are able to get regular subscribers who have an interest in a particular topic. Including too many topics into one blog, the number of subscribers tends to decrease as they may not be interested in all the topics your blog provides.

3. Subscription page

A subscription page is a must if want to get more visitors. Create a subscription page and try to bring as many visitors to this page as possible. When you advertising your blog, give subscription pageURL as the landing page for your advertisements. More visitors you bring to this subscription page the more subscribers you are bound to get. you can also add a link to your subscription page at the end of each post.

4. Encourage your visitors to subscribe

Give you website visitors some benefits which they can avail if they subscribe to their blog. You can give your subscribers books which you have written, or ebook which is viral on the internet, or some kind of ad space,  or even offer them free SEO advice and tips for their blog or website if your are expert at that. Give some kind of encouragement or bribe, which you feel the readers will be interested in.

5. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one solid strategy to get more subscribers. Guest blogging is not something every blogger is interested in. the simple reason being that blogger would rather write articles for their own blog then for others blog. But guest blogging helps in the development your blog to a great extent. If your can write good articles as a guest blogger for blogs which already has a good amount of readers, those readers who liked your articles and those who would like to read more of your article can subscribe to your blog. This way you can give a link to your subscription page at others blog.

6. Forum posting and blog comments

Be an active contributor to forums and blogs related to your niche. The more helpful points and ideas you contribute to a particular topic in a forum or a blog post through comments, the more you will get noticed by visitors of that particular blog and forum. They would like to know more about your ideas about that particular topic if your contributions are good and very useful comments and post. You can give a link to your subscription page on each comment and forum posts you make.

Although these are effective strategies for any blog, you should not forget the most important thing which determines your blog success. GOOD CONTENT.


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